Sponsorship opportunities

We invite you to become part of this and co-sponsor the 2020 EtherCAT technology days in South Africa. These events focus exclusively on users of EtherCAT technology, so regardless if you provide EtherCAT devices, systems or solutions: this is for you. The sponsorship price of R46 200 includes all four venues.

"Martin Rostan is an excellent speaker, captivating listeners by explaining difficult concepts easily and simply, making them understandable to the non-expert."

"Presented very professionally by Mr. Rostan with a display of exceptional product knowledge. The EtherCAT technology is also astounding and very interesting."

"The presentation was made by an expert in his field, which is most important, as he could answer questions competently."

"Great venue, excellent presentations – one of the best that I have attended over many years."

"The seminar was well organized and Mr. Rostan was very professional with his presentations. A big thumbs up to everyone."

"Has to be one of the very best presentations I have ever attended. An outstanding speaker."

For details on sponsorship packages please contact:

Jane van der Spuy
Tel: +27 31 764 0593